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Our chefs have cooked for many years and we have cooked and served some of the country’s most respected families….. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, gathering or religious event we can deliver as a full package deal or as individual services.

Decor & Stages

We are offering Floral stages, flower wall, half-moon and man dap wedding and Mehndi stages for London and surrounding areas.

You may mix and match stage décor and props, all stage drapes can be customized to your style and color.

We set up Mehndi, Wedding, Walima, Sangeet stages and mandaps across England including London, Bedford, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, Sussex, Essex, Swindon, Portsmouth, Southampton, Wales, Cardiff, Newport, Northampton, Luton, Bournemouth and every where in between.

  • Backdrops

  • Head table

  • Mehndi Stages

  • Wedding Stages

  • Walima Stages

  • Baby shower stages

  • Engagement stages

  • Mandaps

  • Birthday Decor

Mehndi Stages in London, Wedding stages in london, Asian mehndi stage, Asian wedding stages and mandaps.

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Regal ghost candelabra range #destinywed
Le Nu'de floral waterfall
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Our in-house media graduate videographers & editors will work alongside you to produce a film which can be watched over and over again.We work with the very best in equipment to provide you high end product such as HD, Blue Ray, Cranes and so forth.We don’t do any nonsense packages or sales gimmick and restricting you from certain editing perks. We believe in treating you as an individual and offering you a bespoke film just as you would like it.


We would treat you like the way we would like to be treated, if we were speaking to someone whom knew more of the subject then we did!

Less Jargon more action …..

We cover all over United Kingdom – Kent, Surrey, Milton Keynes, Luton, Norwich, Cambridge, Ipswich, Bonemouth, Portsmouth, Brighton, Cheltenham, Bristol, Bedford, Woking, Swindon, Reading, Suffolk, Norfolk, Southampton, Bath, Somerset, Wales, Newport, Cardiff, London, Greater London & Buckinghamshire.


Our approach is unobtrusive yet vocal for the all important poses and groups pictures, we prefer your guests to look as natural as possible on photo and not feel uncomfortable by having cameras under their noses the whole day but for those that like to pose we will make sure you are known to the camera.

Please Call or email for prices on disk only photography, with storybooks, traditional albums or filming & photography packages.

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