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We provide our asian catering service in and around Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Luton, Norwich, Cambridge, Ipswich, Bonemouth, Portsmouth, Southampton, Brighton, Cheltenham, Bristol, Bedford, Woking, Swindon, Reading, Suffolk, Norfolk, Southampton, Portsmouth, Bath, Somerset, Wales, Newport, Cardiff, London, Greater London, North London, West London, East London, South London & Buckinghamshire.

Providing and understanding your needs is our first step to meeting your latter expectations…

Chefs 👨‍🍳 exclusive recommendations 🍤
Fancy some Chicken Lollipops_ #destinywe
Our Food

Our chefs have cooked for many years and we have cooked and served some of the country’s most respected families….. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, gathering or religious event we can deliver as a full package deal or as individual services.

No matter how large your guest list or how small your budget, will make sure you we can deliver full catering, decor & service packages at unbeatable value.

(We cater for Indian, Bengali, Pakistani, Punjabi, Gujarati & Somalian, arab weddings & events, our food is also Halal)

Halal wedding caterers London
Pakistani wedding caterers London
Bangladeshi wedding caterers London
Gujarati wedding caterers London
Punjabi wedding caterers London

We specialise in ever increasing mix weddings and understand how to deliver a balance where both families and friends enjoy the wedding.  We can provide 2 different types of cuisine at the same wedding bringing in chefs that can create the cuisine from that part of the world.

Some of our favourites • Bombay Biryani
Masala cone chips on the go #masalachips

We are working on bring healthier dishes using different cooking methods and providing the peace of mind for gluten / vegan diets .

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